What Is Official Betting?

When bets are placed on sporting events officially sanctioned by a sports league, this is considered official betting. These bets can range from money lines to spreads and parlays, as well as individual player performance props. Sports governing bodies have been working to ensure that fans can place responsible wagers, which has involved beefing up in-house technology and deploying security measures.

PURDUM: The NFL has been a big player in this. They fought legalized sports gambling all the way to the Supreme Court and lost, but then they did a complete 180, they’re now embracing it in a lot of ways, partnering with sports books, they’re having sportsbooks inside NFL stadiums. It’s just a huge change and I think it’s something that, if the NFL wanted to, they could probably shut this down in a heartbeat if they tried.

Online sportsbooks offer ongoing bet boosts that award bonus credits for (often) risky wagers in popular leagues. These are not as large as welcome bonuses and are meant to attract new customers.

If multiple teams/players have the same odds, the one with a lower number is the favorite. For example, if a soccer game’s winning team has +350 odds and the other two teams both have +500, Brazil is the favorite because it has the lowest number. For props involving statistics, the entire game must be played for wagers on these to have action, except when specified that extra innings count for first to X-based props.