The Game of Official Poker

The game of official poker is played in many different types of card rooms and tournaments. The rules of the game are usually standardized by a rulebook such as this one. This book outlines the rules for poker and is usually published in both print and electronic formats. Robert Ciaffone, a leading authority on poker rules, is the author of this rulebook. He has selected the rules to include, organized them, and improved their wording.

In cash games, players use poker chip values to indicate their betting amounts. These chips don’t correspond to real-life dollar amounts but are used for tracking stack sizes and chip distribution. Tournament chips often have higher denominations and are marked with the name of the event or host. These chips are typically separated by color to make it easier for players to read their current total chip value.

A player may not talk on the phone at a table while playing poker, and ring tones, music, images, video etc. should not disrupt other players or create a competitive advantage. Players are not permitted to use betting apps or charts at the table during a live hand, and these devices may not be visible or audible to players at other tables.

Verbally declaring your intention to take a certain action is binding, and you must follow through with that action or forfeit the amount that you have committed to call or raise. This is true even if the player you’re declaring against folds after you do so.