Sports Betting Laws – Who is a Covered Person?

The Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting, and now it’s up to states to set their own policies. That means that you can place wagers on almost any sport or event, from the Super Bowl to a niche water polo tournament. Some of the best Kansas sportsbook apps will cover more than 20 different sporting events, so you can bet on the big games or your favorite team — just make sure that you choose a licensed site.

The official definition of a covered person is any athlete, umpire, referee or official; club, team and league personnel; medical professionals and athletic trainers who provide services to athletes and players; and immediate family members and associates of such persons. In addition, any person who owns or controls five percent or more of the voting securities or other ownership interests of a permit holder is also a covered person.

A sports governing body may notify the Director that it desires that permit holders use official league data for settling tier 2 bets. The notification must be made in accordance with forms and procedures prescribed by the Director. If the Director determines that a sports governing body does not provide or offer to provide a feed of official league data on commercially reasonable terms, a permit holder shall be permitted to use other sources for determining tier 2 bets.

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