Official Betting in Sports

Official betting is a growing phenomenon in sports. The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL have entered into a variety of partnerships and agreements with bookmakers, sportsbook operators and casinos to help provide fans with a more enjoyable, exciting and legal gambling experience.

In April, the NFL announced it would be joining a number of official betting partners. These include DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM Resorts International and Betway. This is the first time that these leagues have entered into a deal with a sportsbook operator.

With the Supreme Court ruling on the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the NFL stepped up its efforts to research legalized sports betting. In addition to contacting governing bodies and gaming operators, the league conducted research on what type of legislation it would need to provide an environment that reflects the league’s values.

After researching the market, the NFL found that the public preferred mobile apps for betting. It also found that the NFL’s fans preferred a “sportsbook app” over an in-stadium betting kiosk. Rather than just a kiosk, the league created a full sportsbook solution, with an official betting partner that can take bets on every lap of every race.

For its part, the PGA TOUR has partnered with IMG Arena, Genius Sports, and Have A Game Plan to create a bespoke data-powered solution that provides a highly-engaging live betting experience for fans across regulated states. Additionally, the TOUR has established a robust integrity program and a platinum membership with the National Council on Problem Gambling.