NFL Official Betting

If you are a fan of NFL football, you have likely heard about NFL official betting. This year, NFL announced deals with three sportsbooks to make their content official betting partners. In return, they will have access to official league data and promotions, tie their brands to team statistics, and provide the NFL with valuable data on its fans. If this deal works, it will generate nearly $1 billion for the NFL, but the league can opt out after three years if it isn’t happy with the deal.

When sports betting became legal in the U.S., the NFL knew they needed to create an official data product and betting solution for their sportsbooks. The two companies collaborated to build the first-of-its-kind official betting solution for NASCAR, including more than 25 in-race bets and the ability to accept wagers on every race lap. These solutions allow fans across regulated states to enjoy an engaging live experience through the official data-powered solution.

In addition to creating new content, BetCity will also be advertising during major pro games. The logo of BetCity will be on display during a series of FIH Hockey Pro League matches in Nijmegen, Netherlands, at the end of May. As an official betting data partner of the FIH, BetCity and Sportradar are collaborating to increase consumer awareness of both brands. Dutch hockey player Melvin Bostelaar noted that the Netherlands has some of the world’s best players.